Travel Circuits

Travel Circuits

The travel circuits have been designed to include heritage sites, architectural and natural. There are some very well known tourist circuits in India, but most of these are concentrated in certain regions. However, there is much to see in India and many sites may be within a day's journey of your location or within your town itself. It is our mission to identify such sites and circuits so that we can see the rich tapestry of heritage in India and understand the value of this diversity which is associated with its own traditions.If we have to protect our diverse heritage, we need to promote such little known heritage sites and encourage visitors.

The travel circuits are designed with heritage sites in our database. We welcome contributions to our database so that this vision can be achieved. We have created some travel circuits, and encourage you to suggest your own travel circuits and share your  experience with others.

Surat Heritage Sites

Kachchh Heritage Circuit

Kheda Heritage Circuit

Mehsana Heritage Circuit

Jamnagar Heritage Circuit

Kolhapur Heritage Circuit

Nanded Heritage Circuit

Nashik Heritage Circuit

Osmanabad Heritage Circuit

Ratnagiri Monuments Circuit