• Join Us in Documenting our built & natural heritage

  • Join Us in Documenting our built & natural heritage

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You can upload photos and data on the website.

You can upload photos on the move. Take a photo with your mobile phone and click upload. Add information, if you have any. Your photo will be added to the map by global positioning vide satellite.

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Guidance for Heritage Property Owners

Heritage is the cultural legacy we have been left by our ancestors and which we will hand over to the future generations. Built heritage could be in the form of buildings, townscapes, structures, street furniture, columns.

Heritage preserves our collective memories and helps us preserve our traditional systems. Our heritage provides us the guidance to understand our past and present so that we can plan better for the future. It adds character to our cities and gives us a sense of identity.

It has been defined in many different ways, by different organisations. The important definitions which have been accepted internationally by most of the countries are given here.

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Find old Photos & Maps

Old photos, drawing, maps and videos can provide invaluable guidance for conservation work. Share old photos of buildings, drawings and maps. Scan them and upload.