Materials used in traditional architecture may be specific to a region. As quarries are abandoned or stocks deplete, it may be necessary to source building materials from other regions. The specifications of material may also change from region to region. It is only with experience that we can identify the right sources. Sharing of such information for would encourage production as well as help in maintaining quality of the products. We invite you to provide information regarding source of materials which could be used in conservation, such as lime, cobble stone, roofing tiles, etc. Sources for old building materials would also be very useful.

While providing information pleas specify the name, technical data and source of the product. Note: This information is not an advertisement for traders, but an online resource to assist people source materials. The information provided is not a validation or certification of the quality of product. It is important that all materials be tested for quality before use.

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India has a long and rich history of use of timber across various regions of the country.

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India has a long and rich history of production and use of clay fired bricks dating back to the Indus valley civilization (2500-1500 BC).

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Forms of deterioration in Nature Stone

Depending upon the type of stone, the climate, exposure, orientation, building use, provision for moisture management, and type of construction, the causes and manifestations of stone deterioration can be diverse.

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Stones have been considered as one of the popular building material from the olden days due to their availability in abundance from the natural rocks.

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Lime is one of the primary materials used traditionally in the construction of innumerable historic buildings. The range of buildings varies from modest vernacular