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We have provided information on understanding heritage and on international charters under the menu tab 'Guidance'. Heritage regulations may differ from city to city, but they provide guidance on the criteria for listing. All uploads will be monitored and any structures which do not qualify will not be accepted for listing. However, this is a database and not a Heritage List. It will be used for preparing heritage lists, so if in doubt, don’t hesitate, go ahead and upload.

The database is being created to document our national heritage and generate heritage lists. The information on the website can be shared and is accessible to all.

There is no copyright on the photos or the information in the database as this is a resource sharing platform. However, as a matter of courtesy, we would request you to acknowledge the source of the material when used. The photographs are of low resolution. In case high resolution are required for commercial purposes, please visit our store and purchase the photographs directly from the owner. The photographs in the store are covered by copyright

Heritage lists can be generated for cities, towns, districts, states. Use 'Search the List' to generate lists by location.

Please visit our store to purchase the photographs. Follow the directions given for the purchase of the products.

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