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Connecting Heritage is a crowd sourcing platform designed to create a national database of India's heritage. The database would include heritage buildings and sites, natural heritage, crafts and traditions from all over India. We are also a resource sharing platform to share information on all aspects of heritage and its conservation.

About the Company

The objectives of the Company are:-

To advice and provide consultancy on sustainable planning and development, heritage conservation & management, promotion of culture and protection of the environment. Undertake training and activities to educate and create awareness in these fields. Set up websites and mobile apps dedicated to achieving these objectives. Conduct research and create an online resource dedicated to these objectives.

About the Director

Awantika Chitnavis


She is a qualified architect who has been active in the field of heritage conservation for over two decades. Presently the Hon. Secretary of the Vidarbha Heritage Society, Nagpur, she was earlier on the Governing Council of INTACH.

As Hon. Secretary of Vidarbha Heritage Society, she has been involved in various listing and conservation projects including,
Heritage Listing of Nagpur
Preparation of Conservation Plan for Heritage structures,
Sites of NagpurListing of Amravati, Bhandara, Pauni
Conservation projects for the Department of Museums and Archaeology, Government of Maharashtra
Heritage maps of Nagpur
Workshops on eco-friendly Ganesh idols for artisans
Workshops for PWD and local authorities on heritage conservation
She has also been actively involved in sustainable urban planning and environment issues with the local government in Nagpur


Shinjini Bhattacharyya

Conservation Architect M.Arch in Architectural Conservation School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Ever since her B.Arch graduation days, Shinjini had a keen interest and passion towards architectural, cultural and natural heritage which led her to pursue her post graduation in Architectural Conservation from SPA, New Delhi. Currently working as a Research Associate in Design Innovation Centre (DIC) in the Department of Architectural Conservation, SPA New Delhi, Shinjini’s interest lies in digital heritage where heritage preservation and awareness is achieved through virtual reality and other immersive and innovative technologies. She has worked on freelance projects of restoration and re-use of heritage structures and also as a consulting Conservation Architect for INTACH. She is passionate about travelling, food, art and literature and is interested in developing ways to make academic writing and research more accessible.

Vidarbha Heritage Society

The Vidarbha Heritage Society is based in Nagpur and was established in 1997 with the objects to conserve the cultural and natural heritage of India, primarily that of the Vidarbha region. Members of the Society include architects, conservation architects, urban planners, lecturers and people from varied professions.

Pratiti Nath

A news writer and editor by profession and a biotechnology-microbiology expert by vocation, Pratiti brings the zeal of exploring culture and heritage in her writings. Her vision is to explore the unexplored and dream is to chronicle the richness and diversity of India in her writing. A history buff and a heritage enthusiast, she explores the cultural spirit of India in her writings and provides the perception of both the traveler and the researcher. She can be reached at

Personal Blog :

Vyshalini S Kakarla

An avid animal person | Nature enthusiast | Passionate solo traveler

She has pursued her Masters in International Business, a former Biz Development Analyst - Cognizant, she quit her lucrative career in 2016 to travel and explore, before moving to her farmhouse to live with her parents and pets. She has also volunteered for a sustainable fashion brand named Upasana in Auroville. She runs a startup which handcrafts hair and skincare products made with sustainably sourced botanical ingredients mostly from products on her farm. She practices yoga and plant-based living.


Aditi Chakraborty

Writing and traveling has always given me a sense of fulfillment and joy. Traveling has changed the way I see people, places, nature and its true treasures. I am a voracious reader and read mostly travel, science, nature and non-fictional works. I completed my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University and have had a long association as a journalist with ABP Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.  I have worked as a freelance writer, language and brand editor with PwC SDC Kolkata, a PR professional and as a language teacher in both the English and Spanish language. Ever curious, I am always keen on acquiring knowledge in any form. Learning languages  fascinates me and helps me better  understand societies, traditions and people.