Water Conservation and Management Systems in Uttarakhand
05 Jul 2021 by Admin

In Water Conservation, Management Systems, Uttarakhand

The first human civilizations were established along the rivers. Over time, various cultures have established an intimate connection with water for survival and religious, spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

14 May 2021 by Vyshalini

In Rameswaram,Ramanathpuram district, Tami Nadu

Rameshwaram, a beautiful quiet town located in Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu and is part of the amazing Pamban Island

Poila Baisakh - Bengali New Year
20 Apr 2021 by Pratiti Nath

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Poila Baisakh is the first day of Baisakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar.

Discovering Calcutta With Its Founder Job Charnock
09 Feb 2021 by Pratiti Nath

Through the years Calcutta has developed as a cosmopolitan center by assimilating many cultures. But what shaped this cosmopolitan city is often overlooked.

Durga Puja – Homecoming of a Goddess
05 Jan 2021 by PRATITI NATH

In West bengal, India

The festival of Durga Puja and Navratri is celebrated on a grand scale in  India. Although celebrated pan India, each region has distinctly different rituals and festivities.

Ayilyam - A Unique Serpent Festival of Kerala
05 Jan 2021 by By Pratiti Nath

In Festivals, Kerala

In South India, the traditions and customs are very different from the North of the country. Though the traditions and culture of the North are more well known, the South has its own unique ancient customs and festivals.