Cities added to UNESCO Creative Cities Network
09 Nov 2023

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The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was created in 2004 to promote cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development. Gwalior and Kozhikode joined the joined the

4000-year-old copper weapons found in Mainpuri
25 Jun 2022

4000-year-old copper weapons found by a farmer in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh

International Yoga Day
21 Jun 2022

As we celebrate the 8th International Yoga Day, we bring you the heritage temples showcasing beautiful carvings of the yoga asanas.

Iron Age in Tamil Nadu is the oldest in India
18 May 2022

Discoveries from the excavation carried out at Mayiladumparai, Tamil Nadu have revealed iron implements belonging to the Iron Age dating back 4,200 years.

ASI discovers 5000-year-old jewellery-making unit at the Rakhigarhi Harappan site
12 May 2022

Pieces of copper and gold jewellery, terracotta toys, earthen pots and seals, a drainage system, multi-tier houses, and possibly a jewellery-making unit discovered at the Harappan site at Rakhigarhi, Haryana

Two more Ramsar sites in India
09 Feb 2022

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Khijadiya wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat and Bakhira wildlife sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh have been designated as Ramsar sites.