Wetlands of India - A Dying Natural Heritage
02 Feb 2021 by Pratiti Nath

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February 2 is World Wetland Day and India is home to a large number of wetlands which are our natural heritage and form part of the biodiversity of the country

Two Wetlands in India added as Ramsar Sites
05 Jan 2021 by Admin

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India has added two new “Ramsar Sites”, its 40th and 41st. Sur Sarovar and Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake water changes colour
16 Dec 2020

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The water of the Lonar Lake in the Buldana district in Maharashtra has reverted back to its original colour green. The lake had turned red causing much concern, and investigations were started to identify the cause.

Adopt a Heritage
03 Nov 2020 by Monali

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The Government of India has launched a new scheme “Adopt a Heritage” as a CSR initiative. As stated on the website :-

Jaipur inducted as a World Heritage Site
03 Nov 2020 by Monali

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July 6th, 2019 In its meeting on 6th July 2019 for the 43rd session in Baku, Azerbaijan, the World Heritage Committee inscribed Jaipur on UNESCO’s World Heritage List as one of seven cultural sites.