Traditional cuisine

bengali cuisine

A typical traditional Durga puja bhog of khichdi, vegetable curry,
potato fritters, payesh, chutney

Meat Curry Bhog

Meat Curry Bhog

Bengali Cuisine

The favourite breakfast of Bengali's is luchi or Puri and aloor dum (Bengali version of dum aloo) alongwith jalebi, Rabri and sondesh or some other bengali sweet. On special occasions such as Poila Baisakh- Bengali New Year, the lunch menue would include, Steamed rice or pulao, dal, 2-3 different kinds of fries like begun bhaja (fried brinjal), aloo bhaja ( thinly sliced fried potatoes), kumro bhaja ( fried pumpkin slices), posto bora (poppy seed fritter2-3 vegetable curries like the iconic shukto (a bittersweet curry of unripe banana and other vegetables), potol er dorma (a parmal dish) , aloo Posto (potato poppy seeds curry); along with numerous fish and mutton delicacies like Chingri malaikari ( jumbo prawn dish), shorshe ilish (Hilda cooked in mustard), mutton kosha ( a typical Bengali mutton curry). The meal ends with a sweet and sour chutney made with mango, pineapple or a simple tomato one, followed by papad and dessert like misti doi and payesh.

There is a lavish spread at Durga puja and food is part of the celebration. Unlike Navratri, non-vegetarianfood is also included in the celebration. Sacrificing a goat on every day of the last 4 days of the puja is part of the rituals and tradition. The sacrificed goat is then cooked without garlic and onion and offered as bhog (the bhog also contains khichdi and vegetable curry) to the Goddess which is then savoured by the whole community as ‘Niramish Mangsho’ or Vegetarian Meat Curry. This ritual is particularly important on the 9th day of Navratri in Durga Puja. People generally fast before this bhog ritual and offer their pujas in form of flower prayers called Anjali. This Anjali is very special on the 8th day called Mahastami and Bengalis generally have a puri and aloo sabzi meal after this.

Potato Fritters, Payesh, Chutney

Chitpur in Central Calcutta is a hub for merchants and traders and is known as Barabazar - the largest wholesale market in the city.  This area has some of the famous muslim delicacies including “Bakarkhani”, Haleem and Nihari. A feast of enormous proportions goes on the pious month of Ramzan. Shops like the Royal Indian Hotel, Aminia, Haji Alauddin Sweets, Adam’s Kebab are traditional shops, more than 100 years old.


Parsi Food
Parsi Food

On Pateti, Parsis prepare traditional delicacies like ravo and suterferni which are semolina and sev based sweet delicacies along with pulao dal or dhansak, patrani machi or fish wrapped in leaves, and meat delicacies like Sali Boti, a typical meat dish topped with finely chopped fried potatoes.