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A History of Architecture
by Sir Banister Fletcher, edited by John Musgrove, published by CBS Publishers & Distributors

Indian Architecture (Buddhist and HinduPeriods) by Percy Brown, published by D.B. Taraporevala Sons and Co. Pvt Ltd

Indian Architecture (Islamic Period) by Percy Brown, published by D.B. Taraporevala Sons and Co. Pvt Ltd

Indian Architecture, Its Psychology, Structure and History from the first Muhammadan invasion to the present day by E.B. Havell, published by John Murray

Indian Islamic Architecture, Forms, Typologies, Sites and monuments by John Burton-page edited by George Michell

Monuments of India, Volume One, Buddhist, Jain, Hindu by George Michell, published by Penguin Books

Monuments of India, Volume Two, Islamic, Rajput, European by Philip Davies, published by Penguin Books

The Great Arc, The Dramatic Tale of how India was Mapped and Everest was named by John Keay, published by Harper Collins Publishers

The Costumes and Textiles of India by Jamila Brij Bhushan, published by Taraporevala's Treasure House of Books - PDF available 

Traditional Cuisine
Indian Food
, A Historical Companion by K.T. Achaya, published by Oxford University Press