Fort of Kalinjar

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Location: Banda District,Naraini,Kalinjar,Uttar Pradesh

This invincible fort is attributed to Chandravarman, the traditional founder of Chandella dynasty, though it is said that the fort is much old antiquity of the fort can be traced to much earlier period i.e. to the beginning of the Christian era. It is a place of great religious and strategic importance and finds mention in the epics & Puranas. Kalinjar and its strategic fort were so famous that many dynasties specially the Chandellas took pride in associating themselves with the place. The fort withstood the army of Mahmmud of Ghazni and also held out against Sher Shah who was mortally wounded in 1812.

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BandaNarainiKalinjarUttar Pradesh

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Fort (Old Hindu Fort)
Fort (Old Hindu Fort)

Devarakonda fort is situated 50 kms. to the south-west of Nalgonda town, on the way to Nagarjunakonda, a famous Buddhist centre in the State. The fort is surrounded by a range of hills and at one time, considered a formidable strong hold.

According to the inscriptions carved on the gateway and inside the fort, the antiquity of the fort goes back to Western Chalukyas (1100 A.D.) and subsequently strengthened by the Kakatiyas and later on became the strong hold of Velma Chiefs (14th CAD). Apart from Rachakonda, Devarakonda was another capital of Recherla Velma chiefs. The fort is constructed on a hillock, one has to enter through an arch gate by climbing the stone steps provided to reach the fort. Inside this fort are two temples dedicated to Siva and Rama. Old Hindu fort of Devarakonda is located nearly 50 km from the district headquarters of Nalgonda in South West direction and is accessible by road.

Fort Nalgonda
Fort Nalgonda

There is a hillock in Nalgonda town which is locally known as Kapiralagutta. On this hillock, stone fortification walls constructed during the period of Kakatiyas are noticed. After the fall of the Kakatiyas and Padmanayakas this area was under the control of Bahamanis, Qutb Shahis of Golconda and Asaf Jahis. During their period, some portions of fort walls were strengthened. Nalgonda fort is located in the heart of the district headquarters of Nalgonda and is accessible by road.