Mosque of Rohinkhed

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Location: Rohinkhed, Buldhana, MaharashtraYear: A.D. 1582

A mosque was built at Rohinkhed in 1582 by Khudavand Khan Mahdavi, a follower of Jamalkhan. It is now in a dilapidated condition. It bears an inscription of which only fragments are legible. It records the fact that the mosque was built in A.H. 990 (A.D. 1582) by Khudavand Khan whose generosity is praised. It is said to be second only to Kabah at Mecca in sanctity. The area surrounding Rohinkhed was once famous as a hunting ground where different game birds and animals were found.

Category: MosquesOwnership: Archaeological Survey of India
Mosque Rohinkhed Buldhana Maharashtra

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The enclosure wall (91*91 m) is built of dressed trap stone and lime. It has two entrances on the east and south side. Kotala of twelve Imamas is a typical example of Nizam Shahi architecture, which is famous for its carved decorative arch pier and arch recesses and parapet. It consists of single of a single prayer hall of three aisles, each having five bays deep, and has flat roof. It is very beautiful example of very well balance architecture, neat design, and fine workmanship.

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