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Location: Aihole, Bagalkot, Karnataka

This temple is close to the Karegudi on its left. The porch of the temple has disappeared. It has an antechamber and a shrine. The entrance door of the antechamber and of the shrine are both squat. There is no sculpture on the lintel of the shrine door. The pillars of the hall are similar to those of the karegudi and Jyotirlinga temple No.2. There is no shikhara over the shrine.

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Temple Aihole Bagalkot Karnataka

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Bharatgarh Fort,Ropar
Bharatgarh Fort,Ropar

After the fall of Sirhind in 1763, a large part of considerable portion of present-day Rupnagar District (Ropar) came under Singhpuria Misl. The founder of the Misl was Nawab Kapur Singh, of Virk Jat of village Faizullapur, district Amritsar. When the Sikh Panth was organised into twelve misls on 29 March 1748, Nawab Kapur Singh was appointed the Commander of Singhpuria Misl. The last battle that he fought was the battle of Sirhind.

The fort of Bharatgarh was the most important stronghold of the Singhpuria Misl and had a strategic location on the bank of Sutlej River. Originally, seven garhies were built and ultimately the present fort was constructed in 1783. The area of the fort is about 7 acres and it has about 100 acres of forest land.


Parsvanatha Basti, Kubatur
Parsvanatha Basti, Kubatur

The Parshvanatha basti was constructed in 1017 AD. It has a garbhagriha with a long pillared mandapa in the east. Constructed in laterite blocks the garbhagrihahas a seated image of Jina crowned by a seven-hooded snake, about 1.52 m high with a canopy, flanked by chauri-bearers all in one stone. The exterior walls are plain. There are a few Jaina inscriptions in the premises of the temple referring to the Sallekhana of some Jaina ascetics.  A rare inscription in the temple refers to major forms of medieval Indian temples.