Shankar ling Temple

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Location: Dharwad, KarnatakaYear: 11th – 12th century CE

Assignable to 11th – 12th century CE, this temple facing east has two shrine chambers one facing east and the other facing south with a common navaranga in the centre with pillared porches corresponding to the shrines, containing kakshasanas. The shrine facing east houses a sculpture of Goddess Banashankari while the other contains a linga on a pedestal. The doorjamb of the garbhagriha has panchashakha and the lintel contains Gajalakshmi. The top of the lintel is adorned with miniature dravidian sikharas with Ganesa, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara on it. The lower portion of the door jambs are adorned with chouri bearers, Rati nad Manmatha. The navaranga is supported by 16 pillars including the 4 lathe turned at centre. The central 4 pillars are exquisitely carved. There are Lakshmi, Bhairava, Nataraja, Brahma, Siva, Surya, Sarasvati, Manmatha, Kesava, Bhuvaraha, Narasimha, Ugranarasimha, Chamundi and Ganesa on the pillars. The exterior walls of the temples are relieved by pilasters and niches topped by miniature Dravida and Nagara shikharas. The shikhara on the main shrine is in ruins, while there is no shikhara above the other shrine.

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Temple Dharwad Karnataka