Bharatgarh Fort,Ropar

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Location: Ropar District, PunjabYear: 1783

After the fall of Sirhind in 1763, a large part of considerable portion of present-day Rupnagar District (Ropar) came under Singhpuria Misl. The founder of the Misl was Nawab Kapur Singh, of Virk Jat of village Faizullapur, district Amritsar. When the Sikh Panth was organised into twelve misls on 29 March 1748, Nawab Kapur Singh was appointed the Commander of Singhpuria Misl. The last battle that he fought was the battle of Sirhind.

The fort of Bharatgarh was the most important stronghold of the Singhpuria Misl and had a strategic location on the bank of Sutlej River. Originally, seven garhies were built and ultimately the present fort was constructed in 1783. The area of the fort is about 7 acres and it has about 100 acres of forest land.


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Bharatgarh FortRupnagarPunjab

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