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Mysore- Chamarajanagar- Mandya- Hassan- Haveri- Koppal- Bagalkot- Dharwad- Uttara Kannada

Located in the south-western part of the country, Karnataka is the largest of all the South Indian states, and has a number of UNESCO Heritage Sites. It boasts of a great musical and art heritage and Bengaluru, the capital city is known as the Eastern Silicon Valley for its IT industry and healthcare industry. The state, bordered by the Arabian Sea is dotted with numerous travel attractions ranging from scenic beach spots, to ancient architectural marvels (temples, forts), luscious green hill ranges and verdant sprawled-out forests. The great dynasties of Karnataka include the Nandas, the Mauryas, the Ganga and Kadamba and as per the ‘Halmidi Inscription’, the native Kannada and south rulers of Badami Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, the Cholas, Satvahanas and Vijayanagara Empire. Mysuru existed as an independent kingdom through time and before the British annexation. Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music, rich Kannada Literature, The Mysore School of Painting, popular music genre ‘Kannada Bhavageeta’, Yakshagana (the Classical dance drama of coastal Karnataka), dance forms ‘Gamaka’, ‘Veeragase’, ‘Kolata’ and ‘Kamsale’ represent the rich cultural heritage of the state. Sandalwood Carving, Bell Metal Casting, Silk Saree Weaving (Mysuru and Kanjivaram), Ganjifa Cards, Chittara Folk Painting are some of the famous crafts here. Fairs & Festivals Dussehra : Dussehra is an important festival and celebrated at the Mysore Palace with ceremonial dress, decorated elephants and lights. Ugadi/Yugadi : This Kannada New Year is celebrated at the end of March or beginning of April. There are a number of folk and classical performances all over the state. Sakranti : Sankranti, the harvest festival is celebrated in January. It is a three day festival where a number of ceremonies centred around cows and bullocks are organised. Kambala Festival : Kambala festival is between November and March. Each part of the state celebrates this festival at different dates. The total duration of each festival is two days. The most important attraction is the buffalo race. Baradi Beedu, Uppinagadi, Puttur, Kolatta, Majalu and Kamalakettu are some of the places where this festival is conducted. More than 150 pairs of buffalos would participate in this rate. The first day is dedicated for the parade of farmers and buffalos that are about to participate in the race. Gowri Ganesha Festival : In the months of August-September one can witness hundreds of rathyathras on the streets of Karnataka. These celebrations stretch over 10 days.